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Principal - College of Engineering & Management


Learning, growth and development can only occur when individuals are open and motivated to reach a higher level of achievement. In order to achieve optimisation, motivation of all partners (students, faculty and staff) in the learning process is vital to success. CEM believes that exceptional teaching unites teacher, student and subject on the journey of intellectual, emotional, social and ethical development of the student.

• Developing its academic support CEM will develop its academic support to ensure that appropriate resources, services and staff are available to fulfil CEM’s plan for maintaining excellence in learning, teaching and research.

• Increase opportunities for student access to internationally recognized and accepted education. CEM will continue its endeavour to building productive international partnerships with the world's top Universities and institutions to enable Indian and South Asian students to obtain high quality education.

• Facilitating outstanding research. We believe that the depth and the credibility of an institute depends on the type of research it conducts. We aim to set up a separate division dedicated to research that is more relevant to the needs of the market and industry.

• Increasing the size of the institute. We aim to bring about a substantial expansion of student numbers; this will be done primarily by setting up further campuses in India and South Asia.

• To promote the social, cultural an economic development of India. We will provide an educational program which will assist the students to grow physically, morally, socially, intellectually and emotionally; that they become productive citizens of our democracy, realizing the most complete life possible within the limits of their needs, interests and abilities. We aim to participate in social and environment issues, helping our students in becoming life long learners.

• To pursue and nurture partnerships. Pursue a broad range of partnerships with educational, business, industry, government and social service institutions.

At CEM, the students will live in a supportive environment. Their horizons will be sharpened, and they will discover the creative and liberating power of new ideas and insights.

It is a matter of great satisfaction for us that CEM has done exceedingly well in its all academic sessions. Its initial success shall certainly motivate us to excel further. I am confident that the mission of CEM will be achieved by the untiring efforts of its faculty, staff and management. My blessings are with them.

Er. Rakesh Bajaj