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Message Director (Finance)

It is a matter of privilege and pride to state that College of Engineering & Management (CEM), Kapurthala is an exciting place to study and grow. CEM provides value added education and moulds the student community with ingredients of Science and Technology. The college trains them to be the leaders in the field of their specialization. We provide students with quality education based on basic concepts in engineering principles and experimentation. We follow the approach of progressive learning that focuses the students’ ability to identify and tackle real life problems rather than simply learning facts and techniques. As a result of the untiring and sustained efforts of the highly qualified, sincere and dedicated faculty the students have done exceedingly well in academics, extra-curricular activities and subsequently in their professional carrier.

CEM provides high quality infrastructure, excellent facilities for curricular and extracurricular activities, progressive environment and committed management. The College is committed to provide a learner friendly environment which is conducive for teaching and research. In tune with our objective of providing quality technical education no efforts are spared to make the students into engineering professionals who are competent, confident and are capable to contribute to the progress and development of the society and the country.

Er.Harwinder Singh Dham
Director (Finance)